Style-Up Your Navratri Outfits

Style-up your navratri outfits

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Navrati is soon going to be here! Most of us will be hunting for comfortable, yet chic ensembles for dancing to Garba pretty soon! This NAVRATRI is different because of covid19 but Let’s face it, no matter how excited we are for dancing to the tunes of Garba, the biggest stress is – What to wear! N...

Modern Ways of Wearing a SAREE

Modern ways of wearing a saree

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Hello Queens, Saree-9 yards of sheer Elegance! A saree is the most Versatile garment known to human mankind. This nine yards of sheer elegance can be draped in 100's of different styles, It can look official, sexy, amusing and conventional and much more if draped in different styles. A saree ca...

Different Kurtis in Trends

Different kurtis in trends

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Embrace the epoch of globalization and celebrate this beautiful diffusion from complete ETHNIC WEAR towards FUSION TRENDS. An Indian women"s wardrobe is incomplete without a KURTI. Kurtis are immensely versatile as they can be worn for any occasion or casually.While there are ma...